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Flights may be booked directly through our point of contact at Sandals, Kira, or independently. If you would like assistance with the booking process, please contact Kira at 1-877-726-3257 ext. 8359. She is a huge help in booking both your rooms and flight and thus far has proven to provide cheaper flight options than what you might find elsewhere. When you speak with her, you must provide the following information: Ellison/Krejci Wedding Group Group Code WG17105692 Wedding Booking Number 24580339968 Please make sure to write down your room reservation number after booking. Sandals will provide transportation to and from the airport, making your travel experience smooth.

A variety of rooms are available at the Sandals South Coast Resort and Spa. It is Jamaica’s only all-inclusive, adult-only, all-beachfront, all-Oceanview resort set on a 500-acre wilderness preserve. For more information on the resort, please visit If you wish to attend the event, please book your room as early as possible! May is a very busy season in Jamaica, so to ensure you get the type of room and length of stay you want, we recommend reserving soon.

Other Sandals resorts are available on the Island of Jamaica in both the Montego Bay and Ocho Rios areas and may be booked through Kira. However, the other resorts are at least 2 hours away. You may additionally stay at resorts outside of the Sandals chain, but you must obtain a day pass to gain access on the day of the wedding. While we would much prefer for our guests to stay at Sandals South Coast so we get as much time with you as possible, we understand travel needs will be different for each one of you and respect your decision if you choose to stay elsewhere. If needing a day pass, please contact Kira at the above listed phone number.

Congratulations! If you are on this site, you received our invite and can now stay updated via this location. Please don't forget to RSVP via either the tab to the left or vial the US postal service. Make sure that when you RSVP, you also write down your dietary preference and food allergies.

We understand that this is an expensive endeavor and the honor of your presence is truly the only gift we need. However, if you would still like to send us a wedding gift, we are registered at William Sonoma and through Sandals wedding registry. This registry is attached to our wedding website under the Gift Registry tab on the left and the Sandals registry link at the top left of the page.